Library Gaming Products Are Improving

Library Arcade

A colleague sent this link to me and I have to say library video games are improving. The Carnegie Mellon Libraries offer two games: Within Range and I’ll Get It. Within Range is a game of learning the LC classification system. It requires players to reshelve a stack of books correctly before the timer runs out. I’ll Get It is a game like Diner Dash or Cake Mania where you are waiting on customers/patrons, taking their requests, and satisifying their needs (which is done with a range of smiley icons above the customer’s head). This game has the player wait on patrons who sit down at a table, you take their request, search the library catalog, decide which material to pull up for them (print or electronic), hand it to them, if they are satisified your score goes up.

 Give them a try and have some fun. I look forward to future games being created by these folks.