2017 Conference Payment – PayPal

Your PayPal payment will be linked to the registration(s) you just entered, so it will be matched up even if the payer’s name in PayPal is different from the registration name(s). Please click the PayPal button below to pay for your registration(s).

A PayPal account is not required for this and credit cards are accepted. PayPal will email you an receipt for your payment. You will also receive a detailed invoice marked paid from OK-ACRL in case you need to submit it for reimbursement.

PayPal will allow you to make a single payment for multiple registrations.

  • If you need to add more than one of a registration type, adjust the number under “Quantity” on the PayPal page that you are taken to after you click “Add to cart.”
  • If you need to add on a second registration type (e.g., you have a standard registration and need to add a student registration), click on “Continue shopping” on the top right of the PayPal page. It will bring you back to this page to select the second type of registration and will add it to your PayPal cart.

Registration Type

If you have any questions about your payment, please contact our Treasurer Emrys Moreau at emrys.moreau@okstate.edu or (918) 594-8453.